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MMC has won an international tender for the upgrading of an already existing macro-economic model of the Department of Financial Policy and Analysis of the Polish Ministry of Finance. The old model was fully recursive, and the goal of the project was to upgrade it so that it would contain a full set of simultaneous equations and be based on the new Polish National Accounts (SNA'93). The project, 'Upgrade Polish Macro'97 Model', was sponsored by the European Union.

Again, MMC started with the basic Dutch prototype model Macroabc. During 1996, a team of MMC consultants visited Warsaw three times. Each visit lasted one or two weeks. In addition to those visits there were three visits of two to four Polish economists to MMC in The Hague. In between the visits the Polish counterparts improved the model and sent it by e‑mail to MMC for comments about the results and suggestions on the possible proceedings.

The model is based on Polish data and runs in Excel. In addition to a full set of behavioral equations, it contains several large blocks with institutional equations. These institutional blocks were mostly written by and geared towards the specific needs of the Polish counterparts. The reference manual and self‑explaining slide show of the model Makro'97 have been presented in a workshop in Warsaw.

In 1997, MMC carried out a follow‑up project to further upgrade of the expertise of the staff of the Ministry of Finance to adapt the model so that it would also be suitable for simulations over a longer horizon. This project was financed by the European Union as well. It was successfully completed in November 1997. The Polish Macroabc is still in use (2002) at MoF Poland.



Training course focusing on the Dutch budgeting process
Training visit of 6 Croatian Ministry of Finance economists


Program Name: Economic Forecasting and Budget Development Processes in Developed Countries
Program Dates: June 27-July 3, 2004 (including travel days); 1 week
World Learning Third Country Training/ PTP, Sponsored by USAID

Within the framework of the Participate Training Program sponsored by USAID a training visit of eight senior officials of the Ministry of Finance of Croatia in the period of June 27-July 3, 2004 will be organized by Micromacro Consultants (MMC) in The Hague. The main objectives of this visit are to give the Ministry of Finance staff a better understanding of modern budget development processes that will enhance the transparency and accountability of government financial management, and assist aggregate fiscal discipline over government finances, thereby helping to alleviate investor concerns about deficit spending, prioritization of government resource allocation, management of arrears, and overall fiscal and economic stability. Furthermore they want some training in macroeconomic modeling and forecasting techniques.

The Croatian participants summarized their main interests and out of these stated objectives MMC distillated the following 7 subjects and steps in the process that will be paid attention:
1. Macro economic variables
2. Government revenues
3. Government expenditures
4. Financing and debt
5. Policy simulations
6. Budget forecast
7. Evaluation

In order to address these main training objectives MMC will organize a training course involving 11 workshops (plus 4 one hour workshops) by ten specialized experts that work for different Dutch institutions involved in the budget process (Ministry of Finance, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, Central Bureau of Statistics, Research Institutes). These experts are part of the network of short-term consultants which work for a few hours up till a few months a year for MMC next to their regular job. This means that all of these experts already have experience in giving workshops for officials from the ministries of Finance and Economic Affairs of a variety of different countries (e.g. Macedonia, Poland, Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Surinam, Curaçao). In these workshops the seven subjects will be central to the explanation of the Dutch budget preparation process by the different experts.


The workshops will all be held at the same location at the headquartes of MMC in The Hague. In this way we are able to organize workshops with many experts from different Dutch institutions for the participants without spending a large amount of time and money on transportation from building to building. In our approach the relevant knowledge of the different institutions is brought to the participants instead of bringing the participants to the different buildings of the different institutions.

This picture shows the conference room of MMC while it was used during this visit.

If the wheather allowed the lunches were held at the beach restaurant BOONOONOONOOS.


  • Proceedings Paper: download (2 mb)
  • Introduction of the Dutch budgetting system (PDF): open (1,6 mb)

As an additional service to the visiting economists of the Croatian Ministry of Finance MMC created a testversion macroabc-model for a country very similar to Croatia named Aitaorc. The construction of this model was not a part of the official training visit.