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In 2003 MMC did win a tender, organized by World Learning, to organize a training visit of 12 Macedonian economists mainly from Ministry of Finance (also National Bank and Centre of Economic Analysis) during two weeks at MMC’s office in the Netherlands. As a preparation MMC made a test version of a Macroabc model for Macedonia. The mixture of workshops with every morning another MMC specialist (actually distinguished experts in daily life working for several institutes like Ministry of Finance, Planning Office Statistical Office, Central Bank) and intensive practical training with PC in the afternoon, appeared very successful and pleasant. This very intensive program was feasible thanks to a break with a walk to the beach (15 minutes from MMC’s office) and a lunch discussion meeting at the beach.  Thanks to the mixture of intensive morning sessions by so many specialists and afternoon training with a Macroabc model bridging between Macedonian data and a Macroabc model as in use in the Netherlands in budget preparation and medium term fiscal and economic analysis, the Macedonian did get in only two weeks an idea how to profit of the Dutch practice. (The Netherlands did start already in 1947 with macro model use in CPB, with the first Nobel price winner Dr. Tinbergen as its first director).  See the proceedings paper and the Macroabc Macedonia by clicking here.

MMC is currently hosting a follow up training visit of the following 5 Macedonian economists:

  1. Todor Milcevski, Sector for Economic Policies and Regulatory Reform of the Secretariat General of the Government of Macedonia (GoM),
  2. Marjan Nikolov  (*), Center for Economic Analyses (CEA),
  3. Aleksandar Stojkov (*),Department of Economics, Faculty of Law, University Ss Cyril and Methodius (Un C&M).
  4. Katerina Suleva, National Bank of Macedonia (NB)
  5. Filip Blazeski, the Business Environment Activity (BEA), USAID funded project that initiated the training (Observer).

The primary objective of this training is to update the Macroabc-MK model.

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