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Working together with the ISS, MMC has won an international tender for an EU financed technical assistance project in the construction and use of a macro model (MMC) and a sector model (ISS) for Kenya during 2000-2002. The beneficiary is the Kenyan Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) that works for the Ministry of Finance of Kenya. In this project the combination of MMC’s Macroabc methodology and its telework approach has also been used successfully. The project started in January 2000 and in co-operation with Kenyan counterparts a Kenyan Macroabc model, called KTMM has been constructed which already became operational in August 2000. During the first year four ten day visits of MMC consultants to Kenya took place and a two week visit of four Kenyan economists to MMC’s office in The Hague. During this visit twelve specialists were involved in the project, without expensive traveling costs. A very important part of the work has been done by telework. After the realization of that milestone MMC remained stand-by via telework, and short visits of MMC consultants to Kenya and Kenyan economists to MMC to support the use of the model till the end of 2002 and a second project is in discussion now. The model already has been used in preparations of the Budget, Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper, Long Term Development Plan, discussions with IMF and the idea is to use it further as an auxiliary to write policy simulation papers.

In 2004 KIPPRA has invited MMC to give another three years support, again using the telework formula, to train new staff and to provide ideas to improve the model (to new SNA etc.) and expand it with supplementary modules.  In March 2004 and in June 2004 a group of twenty young professionals in KIPPRA (including the macro model team) has been trained in the KTMM, especially by an exercise to rebuild the consistency framework from scratch. Furthermore they can study the special training modules that were made by MMC to KTMM.

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