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Micromacro Consultants


Begin 2003 MMC was invited by Economic Planning and Policy Department (EPPD) of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of Ethiopia (MOFED) to construct a Macroabc model, again using the mixture of training visits of MMC consultants on the spot, training visits of Ethiopian experts to the Netherlands and telework in between. Also in this project the training on the job included the construction of the Macroabc model in intensive cooperation between MMC consultants and local experts. Furthermore the Ethiopian Macroabc model project did profit of the results of the earlier Macroabc project in Kenya: in the starting stage the involved Ethiopian experts did join a training visit to Kenya and one of the Kenyan experts was invited to work as short term MMC consultant in Addis Ababa to train EPPD staff in the Kenyan Macroabc model (KTMM).

The Ethiopian Macroabc model (called EPPD-MOFED model, abbreviated EMM) was operational within one year. Then, in March 2004 the EPPD model team was expanded and a second project started in which MMC was invited to train new staff. This was done by a re-building exercise of the consistency framework with the new staff. Additional training is going on and furthermore we discuss additional support (training and support in construction of supplementary modules) for next three years.

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