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Curalyse is the macro-economic model of Curacao. It was constructed in 1995 and 1996 by MMC in close cooperation with the Department of Economic Affairs of Curacao (DEA). The model has been operational since.

The model is based on the Macroabc methodology and consists of a dataset of the National Accounts of Curacao supplemented with detailed government accounts, labor market, balance of payments and monetary data. In this regard DEA works in close cooperation with the Central Statistical Office of the Netherlands Antilles (CBS) who provides DEA with an annual update of the source data of Curalyse. 
The model contains behavioural equations, definition equations and exogenous variables (government policy, world trade volume, etc) that are used to forecast future values.

Curalyse is used to analyse the effects of government policy for key macro-economic output (GDP, prices, employment, etc) and to make forecasts for the annual outlook.

21 st Curalyse workshop at Willemstad, Curaçao 21st Curalyse workshop at Willemstad Curaçao

Curacao, April 2006
MMC and DEA frequently organize workshops to explain the Curalyse model to other government and private sector organizations in order to stimulate the usage and acceptance of the general public of the Curalyse project.
These pictures were taken during the opening of the 21st Curalyse workshop by the former deputy minister of Economic Affairs, Gerrit Schotte.

Click here (zip file) to download the version of Curalyse of December 2005.

Dutch readers can find more information on Curalyse by clicking here or on the homepage of DEA.